State Hermitage Museum

Visiting address

Palace Square 2
190000 St Petersburg
Russian Federation

(812) 710-90-79


The main display areas of the State Hermitage Museum are in the Main Museum Complex located in the historic centre of St Petersburg. It consists of six buildings constructed in the 18th and 19th centuries, among which the most significant is the Winter Palace, the former imperial residence.

The museum was created in 1764 from the collection of Catherine the Great, who received over 300 paintings by Johann Ernst Gotzkowsky, because he could not fulfill his obligations. With this she expanded the collection that Tsar Peter the Great had started considerably. In addition, she had thousands of paintings bought at auctions and from collections in Western Europe. The various successors of Catharina the Great further expanded the collection with many purchases. The museum was opened to the public under Tsar Nicholas I in 1852. It is now the second large museum in the world.


Among the many thousands of works of art are collections of folk art objects and archaeological finds. Not very well-known is the sub-collection of tobacco pipes. These are largely hidden in the depot, but are therefore no less worthwhile. One of them is the pipe that was smoked by Tsar Nicholas I, the founder of the museum. This one was temporarily exhibited in the Hermitage Amsterdam in 2018. The museum shop of the Hermitage offers a fine catalog of the pipe collection.

Opening hours
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday: 10.30-18.00
Wednesday, Friday: 10.30-21.00

Closed: Mondays,
as well as January 1 and May 9

Admission prices
Tickets can be purchased at

Adults: $ 17,95 (one day entrance ticket)

              $ 23,95 (two day entrance ticket)