The portal allows visitors to quickly and easily find specialized collections on the theme of tobacco throughout Europe.

Participating museums showcase collections which feature the smoking culture and the material heritage of tobacco use. They illustrate smoking rituals, the pipe, tobacco and its cultivation, or the paraphernalia around the use of opium , hash, snuff  or tobacco chewing. Some are specialized museums dedicated to this theme, in other cases, it is a department within a general museum with a broader objective.

The participating museums, recognizable by the photo of the museum building, put a selection of their collection online on this portal and provide access to their library. In this way they contribute to the development of the Pipe-Portal and share the costs for its structural maintenance.

By clicking on one of the photos below you get all basic information on the chosen museum: address, opening hours, etc. You can then choose to look inside its collection, search for titles in the library and even read articles online.