This portal features information on the global history and culture of tobacco use in all its forms, presented through museum collections across Europe and beyond. The mission of this shared internet portal is to disseminate this information in multiple languages. The portal not only allows visitors to find the participating museums, but also to get a virtual access to the collections. This website features a search option that enables the visitor to view online the contents of these museum collections.

The name Pipe-Portal is short, easy to remember. However, the portal is not limited to the history of the pipe; it covers the complete smoking culture, including snuff tobacco, the cigar, cigarette, snus, tobacco advertising, even opium and all other tobacco-related paraphernalia.
Click on collection and explore the multifaceted collections of each individual museum. This portal has a unique shared database, which enables the visitor to browse through the collections of all these museums simultaneously. Just click ‘search’, without filling in any of the search fields, and the total of all objects of the museums show up. !

For the serious visitor an extensive reading list is available under library.

Articles provide interesting background information, in which, a variety of themes are discussed. These articles were written by the participating museums. The exchange of knowledge on their specialized collections among the museums makes the initiative of this internet portal an unprecedented example of international co-operation in the cultural field. The added value is the achieved multi-language access to this information.